Story Goodness Abounds...

Please find below an ever-growing trove of resources, most of which are mentioned or used in the seminars at some point. 

If anything is missing or wrong, or you would like me to provide something for you, do please get in touch. 

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Film Resources

Here you will find films that I mention in the videos. If something is missing do please get in touch and let me know. 


Disney's Frozen - Trailer (2013)

The Gunfighter (Short Film) 
Narrator Role

Oktapodi - Short Film

Inglorious Basterds
(Opening Sequence)

Bella: A Love Story (2021) 

My short film. No dialogue, no conflict, no bad guy, no conventional structures. So how does it work? 

As you watch, think about the knowledge gaps. 

As long as there are gaps, there is story power.