The Psychological Foundations to How Stories Work

Section 1 - The Knowledge Gap Theory of Story

I do not wish to overload the site with academic theory, so there are only two 'heavy' videos in this category. I urge you to watch these and stick with them - the knowledge you will gain will help you get the most from the more 'applied' story dynamics that follow. 

Seminar 1.1 is the longest video on the whole site at 27 minutes, and I guess the most serious, so please don't worry if this isn't your thing. I get it. We move on to practical story knowledge (and cartoons!) straight after this. However, you may be surprised by just how interesting this material is! 

No more academics after this, I promise! 

Seminar 1.1: What is a Story? Why do Stories Exist?

Seminar 1.2: Knowledge Gaps and Subtext

1.3: Parish Notices...

Story Example: 
Trailer from Frozen (2011)

Where Next? 

Congratulations! That's the technical stuff over! I hope you found it interesting. 

Next in sequence, we begin to understand how to apply this in Section 2 - The Role of the Author.

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