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How Stories Work

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The DreamEngine Academy

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The reality is that your talent and passion for writing simply elevate you to the same plateau as milliions (and millions) of other talented and passionate writers.

To get somewhere, you have to do more than just write. You need a strategy that will set you apart from the crowd.

Click below to tell me a little bit about yourself and your writing, and then watch a series of videos to give you everything you need to know in order to get a career.  

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How do Stories Work?

You know people like your writing, but do you know why?!

Cover of The Primary Colours of Story David Baboulene

You have a natural talent and feel for story, and you must never let that get 'tainted' by theory. 

However, once you have allowed your heart to sing and your imagination to fly, there is a huge advantage in some technical know-how. Understanding how your story gets its power to grip and engage a human mind gives you the power to squeeze everything out of your creativity and make your story the absolute best it can be. 

And DreamEngine just happens to be owned by a world-renowned expert on story theory. 

On our free masterclass, you will learn how EVERY story is made from knowledge gaps and subtext. We won't tell you how your story should go. We will give you principles that will change you into a master of story. 

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You didn't go into writing to get into sales, right?

Book sign

Let's face it. You don't do marketing. You don't like it and when you've tried, it doesn't work.  

This is the biggest tripwire for writers. You HAVE to do marketing. So we give our authors an entire course in Story Branding - marketing using story - so your campaign is easy to put together, because it plays to your strengths. It works and you will even - grudgingly - find it kinda interesting. 

Hint: It's basically impossible to sell 'a book'. We build a mythology around you, the author, using digital channels and social media. Click below to learn more.  

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DreamEngine Publishing

We don't look for books to publish. We look for authors to work with. 

David presenting Kenya

Like music, film, TV and everything else, the internet has brought fundamental change to publishing.

While old-school publishers sit in their ivory towers and try to avoid talking to authors, we have flipped it. To succeed now requires a team effort, so we communicate strongly. We work with you to give you the knowledge that will help you to get the career you want. 

In our free masterclass we explain everything you need to know to take ownership of your career and get published. Click below and see what you think! 

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An Author Community Publisher?

As a story consultancy we are in the unique position of knowing a large - and ever-growing - number of writers from all around the world.

If we like the look of you and your story, we don't act as king-maker - we ask the community for their genuine, high quality feedback on your work (all securely organised within the DreamEngine, with a full audit trail, so you are safe and your work is implicitly copyrighted). 

If the community loves it, we will offer you a publishing deal. Simple as that. If they aren't so keen, you'll get top quality critiques and we will give you guidance on what to do next. Win-win for you.

We also work with aspiring authors on story development projects, live, in real-time, online for you to watch and follow so you can see exactly how a fine story development process works. 

Stuff like that. Cool, eh?!

Begin your journey to get the future you choose.

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Does it work, though?

Kerri Cuevas. Author
Kerri Cuevas Author 'Deadly Kisses'
Receiving a publishing deal was a dream turned reality. In my acknowledgement page is written: David Baboulene: I did it, and you are a heck of a teacher!
Steve Askham Author 'Life's a Peach! A Farmer Sutra of the Fruit Trade'
Meeting with David was an epiphany for me. It took me a month to fully grasp David´s advice, but it did sink in and when I started to write again, I just felt so FREE and infinitely more creative. My book is now complete, and I am so, so proud of it. I am sitting here looking at two contracts to publish, both from reputable and well-known publishing houses and with more potential offers due in shortly.
Helena Charlton-Jones Winner: Lucy Scher Award
David has a (genuinely) unique understanding of story combined with a masterful ability to help break it down. His wisdom and advice were invaluable in my success, and I have learnt so much from him that I will continue to apply throughout my career. Thank you, David!

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Cheryl Neve
Cheryl Neve Writer/Director
David has been invaluable in my story development. He has improved my screenwriting immensely, and has given me the tools I need to write the best possible stories.
Mark Halliley
Mark Halliley Scriptwriter
We cannot recommend David highly enough. His insights and expertise have been invaluable, helping us get our script to the point where we’ve sold the option and look forward to full production.
Alex Marx
Alex Marx Writer
Story is based on the psychology in the conversation between an author and an audience. David brings the world genuinely new tools and methods that give you an objective and measurable understanding of how good your story is and clarity in how to improve it. Highly recommended.