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David presenting at the London Screenwriters' Festival

Writers: Master your Craft

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By David Baboulene Ph.D. 

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  Become a Master of How Stories Work

What took me decades of study and professional experience can be yours in hours.

David presenting at the London Screenwriters' Festival

The Bad News: There are literally millions of creatives out there competing for the same deals you want.

The Good News: Story industries are desperate for fine stories, and most writers don't know how to make the most of their story ideas. This is your chance. Set yourself apart on the basis of quality and you WILL stand out. You have talent. You are prepared to work hard. Now master your craft

Ground-breaking understanding based on how stories resonate with a human mind. Original knowledge that you can not get anywhere else on Earth. All crafted into a unique set of tools and methods you will use for the rest of your life in story. 

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Books and Getting Published

David Baboulene is the Founder/Owner of DreamEngine Publishing. 

Book Covers

As one of the only story theorists in history also to be a published writer of fiction, I have ensured my knowledge gap and subtext principles do NOT tell you how your story should go.

The primary colours of story teach you how ALL stories work... so the ownership and integrity of your story remains with you.  

"After reading David's books, I think very differently about creating stories. His information has helped me move beyond attempting to create stories from a structural focus. Thanks, David. I've been looking for this information for a very long time." (FabledMind, USA, 2020) 

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Industry Services

Ensure the story is doing the job it needs to do for your success


Industry Professionals and Investors

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The Primary Colours of Story: Seminars

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Story Consultancy Services

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Meet Your Story Consultant

How do you know you have a good story? How do you know you are telling it well?


Without a story we have nothing. It's the precious heartbeat at the centre of everything we do. So once we have a story it needs to be cared for.

In the process of development, so many stories lose their way, firstly because nobody truly understands where the power is, and therefore, nobody is able to knowingly protect the story from ill-advised change. I believe there should be a story consultant on EVERY project to communicate the story's power and to stand up for the story's heartbeat as the project blossoms. 

Let's talk. Click below to learn more, and then let's talk about your project. 

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Using Story to Sell Yourself and Your Work

The better you are at your art, the worse you are at selling yourself.

Story Rollercoaster

Very few artistic people are good at selling themselves. It's an alien world and you'd rather be writing. I understand that. I feel exactly the same way, and I SO WISH someone had shown me YEARS AGO what I can show you today. 

The Secret? We will use your new-found storytelling knowledge to make you into an impactful marketing force. By this time, Story is your superpower, so let's use 10% of your time to understand and deliver your marketing as a powerful, wonderful story. 

The Other Secret? The hero of your marketing story is not you. Which is great, because it means you don't need to be embarrassed about selling yourself! 

The Other Secret? Marketing is really hard if you're trying to trick people, but amazingly simple if you love what you do and know it gives value. 

I will teach you an entire course on marketing you can use in all aspects of your life, for the rest of your life. 

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Your Career is Built on the Stories You Choose

Producer, Director, Publisher, Actor, Agent - the story defines you.  

David Red Carpet Santa Monica

In the long term, your reputation and success are going to depend on two things:

1. Your choice of stories. 

2. Your personal ability to turn those stories into creations that the public ultimately recognise and rate highly.

Your understanding of story is critical to whether that happens or not. 

Sure, you've read some theory, but not like mine, you haven't. Revolutionary, contemporary knowledge of how stories resonate with a human mind.

Combined with real world industry understanding from some huge names in story, including Bob Gale (Back to the Future); Willy Russell (Blood Brothers; Shirley Valentine); Lee Child (Jack Reacher series); John Sullivan (Only Fools and Horses); Mark Williams (Actor in the Harry Potter films; Shakespeare in Love...) and others.  

If you are going to invest YEARS of your life into a story, best you understand story

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Story Theory Seminars and Workshops

Interactive, entertaining and fast ways to understand and harness the power in a story

David Baboulene speaking in Kenya, Africa 2019

Become a master of story theory in one interactive, life-changing day. Ask questions, attend a Master's Workshop. It's fascinating, it's fun and it ups YOUR game dramatically. 

I so love doing these days! 

"David's research into how stories overlap with the way the brain works is revolutionary, and can benefit every writer on the planet. Once you have learnt David's approach, you will find the proof of it in every single story you ever hear, read or watch, ever again, and you will never write in quite the same way again. David’s discoveries are a game changer for writers."

KRIS MOLE (Author Gatecrashing Europe, 2012) 

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Marc Zammit Producer/Director Homeless Ashes
David Baboulene is a genius at getting your story the best it can be
Craig Hinde
Craig Hinde Producer/Director - Bella
David is truly a master when it comes to the science behind storytelling.
Nick Wild
Nick Wild (Writer/Director)
David Baboulene is The Story Ninja.

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