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Below you will find the StoryPower Mini-Course, plus some bonus material to show you the kind of thing to expect on the inside. 

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StoryPower Mini-course. 


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There are dozens of videos, split out into categories. 

Use the menu above or the list below to navigate to a category. 

Seminars by Category

1. An Introduction to Story Theory

An overview of story theory and the basics of everything we will learn. 

2. The Academic One

A layman's look at the psychology of knowledge gaps. The relationship between stories and the mental reflexes that cause us to make memories. 

3. The Role of the Author

The author frames and orientates the receiver to the direction of the story. This set of knowledge gaps discusses what framing is and the knowledge gaps most commonly used to achieve it. 

4. The Role of the Character

The media that facilitates the conversation between the author and the receiver is...

5. The Role of the Receiver

The ultimate power in your story is what you cause to happen in the mind of your receiver. This dynamic is called...

6. The Story Development Process

Tools and methods, strategies and examples for story development.

7. Marketing Using Story

Tools and methods, strategies and templates for marketing yourself and your stories.