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Those who get money and acclaim are those involved in the finest stories.

You want to make money and you want to build a catalogue of impressive work. So you'd better learn how to choose, analyse and knowledgeably improve the stories you work with so they become winners, and that looks good on you.

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And the winner is...

An inescapable fact...

You know this already. Beneath all the glitz and presentation, the majority of industry pro's are barely scraping a living. That is, apart from the top one-percent who through the power and reach of the stories they make are making more money than they know what to do with and are building a legacy that means their name will live forever.

Think of any one of those winners and you will associate them immediately and always with the stories they made. The strategy for you and your future is simple: LEARN HOW to select and improve the stories that will win.

Sure, you've learned the standard stuff about a key question and a major dramatic arc and a turning point on page 27... but you also know the very best stories seem to be the ones that don't obey those tired old formulaic rules.

You must do better than that. Your future depends on it. You need to knowlingly choose stories with potential you clearly understand and ensure - through your knowledge and expertise in understanding story - that they end up beautifully crafted works of art that fulfil their potential and make you look great. Now THAT is how to build a career. 

Your journey to success with story begins here, with the most contemporary and advanced understanding of how stories work available anywhere on the planet today.

And the winner is...

Your journey. Your plan.

Become a master of story theory, analysis, problem-resolution, knowledge-driven development, optimisation and evaluation for investment. Below are a few examples of the kind of fascinating and life-changing knowledge that awaits you. 

Masters in Story Theory1

What is a story? Why do stories exist? 

Your mind is made from narrative. Life events are narrative. Everything you know only has meaning in a narrative context. In this first series of videos, using entertaining examples from stories and film clips, we get to understand linguistics and how stories trigger the mental reflexes we use to make memories

If you happen to be in advertising or politics you will also learn how stories can be crafted in slightly more insidious ways to plant memories we didn't know we had, too...

You will understand in simple, intuitive terms the overlap between the power in a story and how the mind works.

Brain Gears

Masters in Story Theory2

Knowledge Gaps and Subtext

Using clips and short films, we learn the basic substance of story and how to use it. The writer encodes knowledge gaps into the narrative. Gaps in knowledge are an evolutionary alarm signal for risk, so we become engaged and take ownership of the narrative the moment there is a gap to fill. The receiver decodes by providing the knowledge that goes into the gap from their own knowledge and experience. 

Did you instinctively create a narrative progression from the static image, below? This is what we do. In small, medium, large and epic. And we do it the time.

Using clips, short films and interactive examples, the light begin to shine on the critical role that narrative plays in how our mind works, and exactly how every story gets its power to make you love it, take ownership and feel gripped.  


Masters in Story Theory3

Common Story Dynamics

To make our understanding of the substance of every story clear, we now look at the knowledge gap characteristics of the most common story dynamics. Conflict, Morality, The Major Dramatic Arc, Comedy, Aristotle's Principles and much more. All become clear and usable through clips, examples and interactive exercises. 

As you get your head around knowledge gaps and the role they play in these dyanamics, the quality of the story they compose becomes measurably evident. The more gaps there are and the more subtext there is, the higher the public rating of the story.  

Breaking Bad

Masters in Story Theory4

Character Actions

Characters are, of course, central to everything in story. You HAVE to understand character to understand story. This set of videos focusses on motivation, protagonism, antagonism, morality, meaningful conflict, inner and outer arcs, character growth and the six questions you should ask of each of your characters. 

We also find out how it is that plot and character... follow me carefully now... are one and the same thing... Once you understand that, your story takes on a whole new dimension.

Character actions are the medium that the writer uses to communicate with the receiver. When you perceive problems in a story, they will almost certainly be in the character area. Understanding all about characters empowers you to make knowledgeable adjustments to the narration that increase the quality and elevate the story. 


Masters in Story Theory5

Ultimate Power - The Storification Dynamic

The author frames and orientates the audience, the characters take their actions in real-time in the story world, the receiver interprets a narrative, fills the gaps with subtext and creates meaning in mind through storification

Storification is the secret. It sounds complicated, but by using childrens' stories, short films and lots of well-known story examples you will fully understand how it works, because you will experience storification in your own mind. From here we start to think about using this ultimate power dynamic to make a story analysis and development process based on genuine knowledge of where the power in any particular story lies.  

Note how this differs from traditional story theory. Instead of talking about key questions and turning points and spirit guides, we are recognising that the power of a story lies in what it means to the receiver. The psychology in the conversation between an author and a receiver. That is a story's real powerbase... and you will understand how that power is crafted into place by the events depicted through character behaviours in the narration. NOW you will see where changes can have a positive effect. 


Masters in Story Theory6

From Story Seed to Silver Screen

I have worked as a producer on just the one film. I gained an understanding for the work of the producer (and admire you greatly! I'll NEVER be doing that again!). But at least it gave me a fine experience of the business side and an appreciation for what goes on. Follow the documented creation of my film story, Bella, I take you on the full story development process, from the first seed of the idea to the final glorious production. You will see the original idea, the development of the step outline, the final script coming to life. You will gain EXCLUSIVE access to the finished film itself and you will get a FREE book containing the step outline and developers' notes.

I will be doing the same thing for further projects, including writing a novel online and developing a feature film, entitled Mayakin, from first principles to a London Premiere on the silver screen.

The point being, you can see how a story can imrpove and grow over time through knowledgeable changes which have a clear, designed, objective intent in terms of what happens in the mind of the receiver. You can have tht knowledge and elevate a story through changes you will clearly see are of benefit to the final story. 

Bella Cover

Masters in Story Theory7

Creating Sales Material

One of the interesting things about understanding what is happening under the bonnet when your story runs is that you identify where the power lies and you find yourself adjusting your pitch, bible, deck, production pack, poster, title, trailer etc. to harness that power. 

Sure, the 'high concept' and the 'character with a problem who takes action in the face of... blah blah' is all well and good, but truly understanding what it is in the storification that deeply effects the mind of the receiver... now THAT is properly arming you up to deliver a pitch like no other. 

People receiving your sales material will 'get it' so much more quickly and effectively if you have selected the right dynamics to communicate that will deliver the true power in the story.  

Rocket Sales

Masters in Story Theory8

We're in This Together

There is, of course, the option of engaging me on your project as a story consultant.

Industry pro's tend to find me rather useful in these critical story areas which are, of course, extremely important but not always considered as part of the mainstream of what, say, a producer or director is supposed to be doing.

You stick to what you are best at, and buddy up with me to provide the story expertise. Together we can be unstoppable!

Give me a call via the Story Consultancy Page, and let's talk about what I can do to help make your project a winner. 


David Red Carpet Santa Monica

Come on a journey to get yourself PUBLISHED. 

You ARE publishable. You just have to learn how to work with the industry. These seven habits are the key differentiators that set a publishable author apart from the crowd. 

Get this: I guarantee you will get a publishing deal if you do my training and complete a full-length book. It's my personal promise. 

Begin your journey to get the future you choose.



Cheryl Neve
Cheryl Neve Scriptwriter - Sitting Under the Chestnut Tree (2021)
David has been invaluable in my story development. He has improved my screenwriting immensely, and has given me the tools I need to write the best possible stories. I doubt there is a story anywhere that couldn't benefit from his input.
Hannah Stevenson
Hannah Stevenson Producer - Eaten by Lions (2019); Uncertain Kingdom (2020)
The insight that David brought to our project was invaluable. David was able to turn our script that was a compelling story attracting initial interest into a page turner of a screenplay. He is creatively inspiring while maintaining a kind, collaborative humility that should not be underestimated. Thank you so much David.
Alex Marx
Alex Marx Writer/Producer - Miraculous Isabella (2021)
Story is based on the psychology in the conversation between an author and an audience. David brings the world genuinely new tools and methods that give you an objective and measurable understanding of how good your story is and clarity in how to improve it. Highly recommended.

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Carolyn Goodyear Writer/Producer
David’s love and understanding of story has elevated many of my scripts which have subsequently gone on to be produced and win awards. He’s a fantastic story consultant – encouraging and full of good ideas – I can’t imagine ever writing a script without asking David to read it.
Mark Halliley
Mark Halliley Writer/Producer
We cannot recommend David highly enough. His insights and expertise have been invaluable, helping us get our script to the point where we’ve sold the option and look forward to full production.
Alex Marx
Alex Marx Writer
Story is based on the psychology in the conversation between an author and an audience. David brings the world genuinely new tools and methods that give you an objective and measurable understanding of how good your story is and clarity in how to improve it. Highly recommended.


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