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Tina Zee Author of The Cartimandua Trilogy

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Tina is a Yorkshire woman who personifies the spirit of Queen Cartimadua. She has firm principles based on the philosophy that a person has to put energy into life if they are going to get anything out of life. 

Her positivity is infectious and she is both inspiring and active in helping people to lead a happy life. She is particularly interested in helping older people to continue to feel happy and fulfilled. 

Tina uses the power of storytelling, the richness of history, and the place of women central to authentic stories to inspire others to be true to themselves in the world today. In a world where history is sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, Tina questions the need to change those stories, but rather learn from them.

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Ray C Doyle Author of The Pete West Mystery Series.

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Ray C Doyle writes hard-hitting political stories that resonate with the truth that lies beneath daily headlines. Political corruption and industrial espionage are rife today. Ray's exceptional talent with words takes these headlines and upgrades them into a fiction of the highest quality.

Ray’s main character, Pete West lies somewhere between the noir world of Chandler’s Philip Marlowe and the enforced moral principles in a corrupt political world found in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.

These classic tropes come together to produce a new and exciting character-driven trilogy of hard-boiled, noir novels in the world of Pete West.

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Violet Neill author of The Hollow Trilogy

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Violet is an activist and advocate of freedom, be that the freedom to speak, freedom to choose, question, or simply the freedom to be and let be.

She has spent a lifetime questioning orthodox wisdom and exploring what lies at the heart of an unconventional life. Her work and thinking will challenge the reader’s ownership of their own consciousness, their thinking patterns, their faith (whatever that means…) and even their humanity as they tend to accept it. 

Violet’s stories blend modern life's harsh realities with fantastic tales that resonate with a collective consciousness rooted deep within, many, many moons ago.

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Rachna Malkani author of Conscious Autism Parenting

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Through a difficult childhood, Rachna Malkani learned the importance of trusting and believing in oneself. This naturally led to a career as an entrepreneur and, for her, the freedom and self-determination that comes with it.  As a result, she is now a successful, Dubai-based businesswoman.

She has also devoted the last 20 years of her life to learning and teaching skills and techniques that help people awaken the power within. She is a qualified life coach specialising in Self-Empowerment, Clearing Beliefs, Emotional Freedom and Manifestation while applying the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

With the birth of her autistic son, she combined all her skills and stepped into the role of what she now calls Conscious Autism Parenting. Her revolutionary approach helps parents realise that being self-empowered is not a selfish act; it is the very best thing a parent can do for their children’s life, healing and progress. 

Conscious Autism Parenting By Rachna Malkani

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Carolyn Goodyear

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Steve Askham

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Paul Curtis

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Ted Grateful

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Dr. David Baboulene

David presenting at the London Screenwriters' Festival

Best-selling author and story consultant. 

Click below to see his catalogue of humorous novels, children's books, academic works and books on Story Theory. 


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