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When Rachna entered the DreamEngine and we spoke to her, we were immediately taken in by her eagerness to share the knowledge that she has gained through her life experiences.

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It all came together into her unique and extraordinary book, Conscious Autism Parenting. Not only is it solid gold for anybody else who has a child with autism, but because the best thing a parent can do under these circumstances is look after and empower themselves to take ownership of their situation, it is also a guide for self-empowerment of the kind we should all be doing. She faces the challenges of life with an autistic child with nothing but care and positivity.
Her book Conscious Autism Parenting is a game-changer for those looking for help and support.
This book is just the start of our new imprint HelpLoveSupport, focusing on self-help, self-love and support for those looking for like-minded people.

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In her own Words

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Being a Mom of a 14yr old son, who is on the Autism Spectrum, I have to say this, If as parents we don’t then who will?  
Children across the spectrum are as beautiful, as deserving, as loveable and as magical as every kid in the world that doesn’t have a label designated to them.  
No matter how different they seem, don’t dim your children’s light just because the world can’t see it.  
All they need is your unconditional Love, support and understanding, even when they can’t say, do or be the way you wish them to be. 
They are still children who hold a huge part of our future world, that we can build, either by choosing ignorance or awareness.  From what I see, we have a lot to learn from them, if we choose to.  
If we truly treated them as special as we label them, we will know how beautiful they make our world by just being in it.  
They are the coolest kids that there can be.  
My salute to every family that works relentlessly to give and show up for their children day after day, to make sure they know they matter, they are Loved, they are safe and they are supported, just as they are.  
I feel you, I see you, I love you and I am grateful for all you do, to keep the belief of human consciousness alive.  
This book is a combination of observing other fellow Autism parents and living my own experiences, learning all the while, unveiling the secret to our kid’s growth. 

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