Ray C Doyle

Author of The Pete West Mystery Series.

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Ray C Doyle writes hard-hitting political stories that resonate with the truth that lies beneath daily headlines. Political corruption and industrial espionage are rife today. Ray's exceptional talent with words takes these headlines and upgrades them into a fiction of the highest quality.

Ray’s main character, Pete West lies somewhere between the noir world of Chandler’s Philip Marlowe and the enforced moral principles in a corrupt political world found in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.

These classic tropes come together to produce a new and exciting character-driven trilogy of hard-boiled, noir novels in the world of Pete West.

This author is an entertaining storyteller with an excellent sense of carefully measured detail. Suraya Dewing CEO Stylefit Ltd.

This author takes the reader into the shadowy world of investigative journalism - Stefan Vucak (author)

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Lara's Secret

It’s Not a Good Story Until Somebody Dies.

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A Murderous Conspiracy. A Political Catastrophe.

A Nation Under Threat. And Lara’s Deadly Secret.

Pete West is the number one political correspondent in the UK and the number one embarrassment for the government as he exposes hidden corruption and self-interest. 

Pete and his assistant, Jessica, must stop Cyprus from falling into the wrong hands and find out who the power brokers are behind a violent threat to Cypriot sovereignty.

Complicating Pete’s quest is a ship with precious cargo, an imposter, a tragic tale of two women, a murderous grandson, and a question that desperately needs to be answered...

What is Lara’s Secret?

Lara’s Secret is the first book in Ray C Doyle’s Pete West trilogy.

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