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Jumping Ships The global misadventures of a cargo ship apprentice

If PG Wodehouse had joined the Merchant Navy... 

Book two in David's humorous travel series is: ‘Packed with enough ship board hilarity to make the reader literally weep with laughter, Ocean Boulevard and Jumping Ships are probably the funniest maritime-themed books in print today.' Ships Monthly

`...laughs aplenty, but also top notch writing about the seas, ships and those who sail on them.` Sea Breezes Magazine

Amazon 5-Star Review: "I've read books that made me chuckle, but "Jumping Ships", like its predecessor "Ocean Boulevard" is a side-splitting, laugh-out-loud, fall-over-on-the-floor, lose-your-dignity, lie-on-your-back-and-stamp-your-feet howler that will divest you of snobby literary pretensions and expose you as an artless child losing his mind in sheer merriment.

Baboulene should be prescribed instead of Prozac."

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Very, very funny! Amazon 5-Star Review
You know those slightly wierd people you see laughing to themselves on public transport? well they're probably reading this book. Some of the stories in this book had me falling out of my seat.
READY! SET! GO SAILING...!!!! Amazon 5-Star Review
I LOVED THIS BOOK... A GREAT READ... David Baboulene is a scream !!! true adventures and misadventures of all the crew... you won't be able to put this down...
Borders Books Borders Travel Book Award Winner
Baboulene is like a Bryson who has truly played the field.