Extraordinary fruity business you didn't know that you NEED to know...

The secret life of an international fruit trader

The Cover for Life's a Peach!

If you want to be absolutely fascinating round the dinner table, this is the book for you:

  • Why is a passion fruit called a passion fruit?

  • How come a pineapple is a berries? (Yes, you read that right!)

  • Which fruit hosts an insect which has the biggest penis to body size ratio in the entire animal kingdom?

  • Do you know how to force a rhubarb? Do you know why you'd want to?!

You see what your life is missing? Miss out no longer with Steve Askham's extraordinary tales of a life devoted to finding exotic fruits in the remotest corners of the world and organising for them to arrive, as if by magic, on your supermarket shelves, fresh, vibrant and perfect for you to just pick up as if it's the most natural thing on Earth! 

And then there is Him... A twist in the tale emerges from behind the fruit... Is Steve's entire life a front..?

I promise you will never look at those supermarket shelves in quite the same way again... 

Steve Askham 

Yes, he's the Author...


...but is he quite who you think he is..? 

Steve has spent 40 years in the international fruit trade. There is literally nobody else on Earth who knows more about how this critical section of human existence comes together to put that fruit in your bowl every day. 

And if you think about it, there could barely be a better cover story for someone with an alter ego and a secret life that takes him anywhere in the world at the drop of a Panama hat... without anyone looking twice at this sweet, innocent fruit expert... 

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