Oopsie - I forgot!

Even grown-ups make mistakes sometimes...


A story in rhyme for small children

Kids LOVE stories in rhyme, with beautiful illustrations, funny characters and a life lesson in the story. 

Oopsie - I Forgot! humorously teaches a child that we all make mistakes sometimes. and that's OK. 

The ideal gift for the under-fives in your life. This beautiful, funny and affectionate work pays homage to the genius of Julia Donaldson and the unparalleled Dr. Seuss.

Daddy forgets something on his way to work...



Oopsie Dad

Jakey, his sister, his mum, the dog... We all make mistakes sometimes...

And that's fine. 






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Cover of Kepple the Kite David Baboulene

Kepple the Kite

Kepple sets off to go flying with his friends, but his long, dangly string keeps getting caught on things that take him off in the wrong direction until Kepple is completely lost. 

Will Kepple ever make it to the park?!

Kelly Chapman's sumptuous illustrations and David Baboulene's expert story-telling make this perfect bedtime reading for the under-sevens in your life.






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