A Deep Dive into How Stories Work

The book of David Baboulene's Ph.D. thesis.

Cover of Story in Mind David Baboulene

"A revolution in Narratology."

A story is not just a text that is read; it is a cultural conversation between an author and a receiver.

Baboulene's doctoral research is a revolution in narratology, shifting the discipline from a focus on the structure of a text to a formalisation of the meaning in the conversation. This work is a clarion call for narrative theory to recognise the difference between narrative and story. That storytelling is a knowledge transfer between people. There is no knowledge in nature, there is only knowledge in mind, and Baboulene's knowledge gap theory provides the tools and methods that compose a new narratology which brings the meaning of the story, the actions of the characters and the phenomenology of the receiver into a singular, cohesive formalism.

"Strong, clear, valid and well-argued. Congratulations, David."

Thomas Pavel
Professor of Narratology
University of Chicago

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Amazon Review A deeper exploration of story
David's books on stories are the most insightful I have read. His information has changed the way I think about stories and how to write them. It has changed the way I consider and search for the meaning in life experiences. I highly recommend Story in Mind as well as all of David's books.
Thomas Pavel Professor of Narratology, University of Chicago
Strong, clear, valid and well-argued. congratulations, David.