The Grateful Eight

The story of the Hippies that has never been written

The Grateful Eight Front Cover Blue Background

If you are interested in music, travel and how it is possible to live life differently, this book is for you :

  • What makes someone a Hippie?

  • How did these global adventurers live their lives?

  • Which were their favourite places in the world and why?

  • Do you know how to make a substance, distribute it around the globe and change the way people think!

The Original Eight walked out and shut the door on the world they grew up in at the start of the 1960s. The second generation followed in the 1990s. Drawn by an invisible thread, they all arrived at the same destination in mind and body. Their minds were in peace and their bodies in paradise. A gripping adventure of sixteen souls travelling across every dimension of the earth and their minds. Their separate stories bind together into an extraordinary and unexpected outcome that you can experience today if you want to. And this book will make you want to!

Ted Grateful is an anonymous member of this group that changed the world.

I promise you will never look at a Hippie in quite the same way again...

Coming soon....