The Magical World of Lilly Lemoncello

Fate decides Lilly's start in life. So she chooses to let Fate decide the rest of it too.

Front cover of The Magical World of Lilly Lemoncello

A heartwarming and remarkable work of human goodness. 

The little baby with darker skin went home with Mary to a warm home and a secure future.

Her twin sister, with white skin, was left on the doorstep of 11, Bluebell Drive. Home to a cross-dressing vicar and his conservative wife, Maureen.

From that moment onwards, Lilly chooses to follow her heart, with often hilarious and always unexpected consequences that teach us all a lesson about life, and how it should be led.

A book that puts a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. 

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A Magical World Indeed! Amazon 5-Star Review
After reading this wonderful first time novel on Kindle something strange happened – I immediately wanted to do something selfless, to make a difference to someone’s day whether it be a friend, family member or even a complete stranger. I wanted to do something 'nice' without wanting anything back for the first time in years. And that is indeed the magical world of Lilly Lemoncello!
A Real Tonic! Amazon 5-Star Review
The world needs a book (and maybe a film) like this at the moment, a reminder that our actions have an effect and in fact that effect can be both positive, magical and meaningful. The book is simply, eloquently and beautifully written. Great work for a first time novel.
A Great First Time Novel Amazon 5-Star review
Lilly's world has it all – cleverly showing us how everything is connected in life. Wonderfully written. Extremely funny. Beautiful poignant. A superb first novel by the author. Without a doubt this will become a feature film in years to come. Indeed it is a magical world!

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Front cover of The Magical World of Lilly Lemoncello


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