The Shock Tube

Anybody reading this book will learn something uncomfortable. About themselves...

Front Cover of The Shock Tube

Steiner's most prized possession is a brass plate that has withstood the pressure designed to burst it in a shock tube - apparatus for studying shock waves.

The plate catches the attention of Sabine - by day a beautiful and charismatic metallurgist working with Steiner in the closed world of pure science in communist East Germany; by night a siren losing herself in the dance music of the West.

They are drawn into a sudden and turbulent affair, but Sabine is not as she appears. Dark secrets from her past lead Steiner into a world of chaos and obsession. Long after the affair is over, he is haunted by her memory - until one day he learns that she is coming back.

Pressure builds on Steiner as the inevitable encounter between them draws near. But there is something peculiar about the return of Sabine, and Steiner's anticipation turns to fear and dread. He is about to enter the SHOCK TUBE.

The human mind is a strange and wonderful thing. Sometimes. 

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Become enlightened David Baboulene - publisher
This book is an amazing insight into... I can't tell you what! The twist in the tail is what the whole book is FOR and telling you would spoil it! Trust me - it's a powerful insight into a certain area of human reality you know little about. This book takes you there, you live it and you will be enlightened.