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We Help Writers to Find Success Through Their Stories.

Without a story none of us has a job. And without telling it well - and selling it well - none of us has a career.

Find success through your story now.

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The power in your story.

We Help Writers to Find Success Through Their Stories

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David loves to hear from authors! Don't be shy! 

David is represented Worldwide by Olav Wyper at SMA Talent.

For information on working with David, call Olav at:
+44 (0)137 9586734

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  • To hold a book in your hands with your name on it?

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  • To walk along a beach and see someone reading your book? 

  • To make money through booksales the world over in your sleep?

  • To get up in the morning and hug yourself, because you don't have to go to work. All you have to do is write? 

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