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Lively, fun, interactive... and solid gold on how stories get their power to grip a human mind.

In just ONE DAY you can master the craft of story and the art of selling yourself and your work.   

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It's the Story, Stoopid!

I don't mean to be blunt, but look - without a story you have nothing. It's the heart and soul of what you do! The story supports everything you want to be!

Without a fine story, told well, your long-term prospects and your legacy will not be what you hope. Let's be honest, an understanding of story is fundamental to your personal success.

The good news is, it only takes this one, life-changing day to get you up there.

The answers are all here, and it's fascinating and enlightening to learn! 

  What the Seminars Comprise

A two-hour talk, an intense one-dayer, a three-day residential with workshops... you decide. Below are the sessions you get in the single day seminar, and we can of course tailor the emphasis to your requirements.

All sessions are delivered using clips, short films and examples as diverse as Shakespeare to kid's cartoons, Hemingway to Hollywood. And of course, we'll be making up some stories of our own along the way!  


What is a story? Why do stories exist?

Your mind is made from narrative. Every life event is narrative. Everything you know only has meaning in a narrative context. In this first session, using entertaining examples from books,  clips, short films and extracts, we get to understand linguistics and how stories trigger the mental reflexes we use to make memories. 

This is neuroscience, but it is also simple, obvious and intuitive. My examples and exercises will cause you to see and feel exactly these mental reflexes working in your own mind as I trigger your evolutionary mind into action... using story. 

Don't worry. It doesn't hurt. But you will fully appreciate how you can use these mental dynamics in your own storytelling.

Brain Gears


Knowledge Gaps and Subtext

"Oh, my God! That woman is such a--!"

You finished that sentence, didn't you?!

I'm shocked...

Using clips and short films, we learn the basic substance of story and how to use it. The author encodes knowledge gaps into the narrative. The receiver decodes by providing the knowledge that goes into the gap from their own knowledge and experience (just like you just did above). The knowledge that goes into the gaps is called... Subtext. Critically, it comes from the receiver's own cultural knowledge and experience. 

By completing the narratives and providing the subtext, the receiver becomes a co-producer on the story. Using clips, short films and interactive examples with the audience, the lights begin to shine on exactly how every beat, scene, sequence, chapter, subplot and entire story gets its power to make you love it, take ownership and feel gripped.  

In the static image below, you can fill the gaps and give yourself a message about life that this image represents. 

Subtext Message


Common Story Dynamics

Every story has three primary roles: The author's role, the characters' role and the role of the receiver.

Using entertaining examples, we look at the knowledge gap characteristics of common story mechanisms, such as Conflict, Morality, The Major Dramatic Arc, Comedy, Aristotle's Principles and much more - all become clear and usable through clips and interactive exercises. 

Breaking Bad


Character Actions

Characters are, of course, central to everything in story. You HAVE to understand character to understand what the narrative is doing to your receiver's mind. This session focusses on character motivation, protagonism, antagonism (with a strong focus on The Dark Side), morality, meaningful conflict, character growth, inner and outer arcs and more...

We then sit down a couple of famous characters, shine a light in their eyes and ask them the six questions you should ask of each of your characters. 

 We also find out how it is that plot and character... follow me carefully now... are one and the same thing... Once you understand that, your writing takes on a whole new dimension.



The Ultimate Power: STORIFICATION

The author frames and orientates the audience, the characters take their actions in real-time in the story world, the receiver interprets a narrative, fills the gaps with subtext and then the magic happens... they create meaning for themselves in their own mind. This is called storification

Storification is the secret. The golden ticket. It sounds complicated, but by using simple animated stories, short films and clips from features, I demonstrate how it works.

We then use the principles of storification to make a story development process based on genuine knowledge of where the power in any particular story lies. We do it. We build a story there and then, in real time in the seminar. (I LOVE this bit! And you will love it too!)



The Salesman's Hat

Creatives are notoriously bad at selling themselves and their products. In this session, we will use our superpower - storytelling - and our knowledge of where the power of story lies, to create powerful pitches, treatments, decks, bibles and develop the marketing capability we need to effectively package and sell ourselves and our products. 

The time has come. You. Are turning pro.  

Rocket Sales

Personal Transformation

Attend a seminar. Watch the extraordinary transformation in your writing ability and the power in the stories you craft. 

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What Stories Are

This is it. The most advanced, contemporary, powerful and important understanding of story available anywhere on the planet today. 

You need to know this. 

It takes just one day to Master Your Craft. 

How Story Works

In evolutionary terms, a knowledge gap is an alarm. A sign of danger, risk, excitement, opportunity. Understanding how knowledge gaps trigger the way a human mind makes a memory is the key to story power and gripping your audience. 

Tools and Methods

You gain a comprehensive and practical story development process that works for any and every story, in every medium. This is not a clever trick or formula. This is a process built on the unavoidable knowledge gap principles that lie beneath EVERY story.  

The Salesman's Hat

How to use stories as the basis to marketing. By understanding the life, motivation and working practices of a publisher, agent, producer, actor... you can use their needs to make them the hero of your story. In this way you can make it very easy for them to choose to take you on. 


Alex Marx
Alex Marx Actor/Writer
Everyone who works in story industries needs to know what David Baboulene knows.
Kris Mole Author Gatecrashing Europe
David's work can benefit every writer on the planet. A game changer for writers
Lauraine Faulkner Author
Every session provided another ‘eureka moment’ for me; another sudden insight into ways to improve my stories and find direction for me as a writer

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  • What is the pricing for these sessions?
    • Give me a call. I need to understand your work and your needs. Once we get to know each other, we can just concentrate on the interesting stuff. I'll ask you to talk to my representation to finalise arrangement -- Olav Wyper at SMA Talent (+44 (0)137 9586734).  

  • Are the sessions fun? Interactive? Are there workshops?
    • The sessions are lively and interactive. Questions and contributions are welcomed and an inclusive, positive vibe is the norm. Workshops are included if desired, however they are difficult to fit into seminars of one day or less. Workshops are usually part of the longer engagements. 

  • Is there supporting material that goes with the seminars?
    • Yes. David's book: The Primary Colours of Story is the course text and we can arrange for delegates to receive a copy as part of the seminar. Much of the material is also found in the video seminar series, so can be revisited at any time before or after the live sessions at discounted prices.

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