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From passionate amateur...

You love writing. You love stories. You would SO love to be published. Produced. Known for your stories. But whenever you try to deal with the business side, let's be honest: the rejection gets you down.

It's all too easy and natural to go back to what you love and just create more art. And there's nothing wrong with that, but you have to be honest with yourself: The real dream is to do this full time and earn a living from your art, right? And you cannot do that without doing some selling.  

That's why I have developed these resources. I was where you are. It took me decades to get across that bridge to being full-time in story, but I'm there now, and I can help you. There are three steps you must take that will set you apart on the basis of quality and professionalism: 

  • Master the craft of story so your story zings, grips and engages. No way are you being rejected on the quality of your story every again. 

  • Work, organise and present yourself as a professional. Live that life.

  • Package and present your material in the perfect form so the industry yums it up. 

And to make all the sales and marketing stuff less painful for you, it is all done using the superpower I'm going to give you: Storytelling.  

  Your journey. Our plan.

Becoming a member brings you the extensive and ongoing resources you need to make you a master of story and a fullfilled, successful creative in your own right. Each lesson is a 10-15 minute video that you can absorb and rewatch as much as you like to gain a full understanding. Below are a few examples of the kind of fascinating and life-changing knowledge that is here for you. 

Master the Craft1

What is a story? Why do stories exist? 

Your mind is made from narrative. Life events are narrative. Everything you know only makes sense - only has meaning - in a narrative context. In this first series of videos, using entertaining examples from stories and film clips, we get to understand linguistics and how stories trigger the mental reflexes we use to make memories. 

You will understand in simple, intuitive terms why and how stories are made from evolutionary basics you will recognise and feel within yourself.

Book sign

Master the Craft2

How to market yourself
and your product.

Excellent! So now your stories are alive with grip and engagement, how do we upgrade your life to turn you into a full-time professional, get you an agent, publisher or producer, and convert your stories into sales?

There are no promises, of course, but in this section, you will learn how professional writers organise their working day; how they ensure they are highly productive and their output is top quality; how they manage their development process; how they organise and spend productive time on selling themselves. 

Most importantly, how you can use your knowledge of story to make a publisher, agent or producer the hero of your story in the way you package and present yourself, your stories and the way you approach the business side. 

Doing the Deal

Master the Craft3

The Making Of…

Follow the documented creation of our first film, Bella, from the seed of an idea through the whole process to becoming a film you can watch. As we go forwards together, I will be taking you on the story development process for further projects, including feature films in which I am involved and a novel and a feature film I am writing, entitled Mayakin

You will get to ride along for the entire process, from the seeds of the idea through the entire story development and film-making process to putting the final product up their on the silver screen and in the bookshops. 

As opportunities arise, I will be giving gifts and rewards to members of my site here, to get free books, attend a shoot, be an extra in the film, or even come along to a premiere of the movie as my guest. 


Master the Craft4

We're in this together…

 There will be opportunities to get involved in real-time sessions of various types. For example:

Each month you will have the opportunity to join me on a live Q&A session to discuss all things story and writing and to ask me the questions you have on your story and personal development.  

There will be giveaways and competitions with prizes including seats a a premiere, visits to a film set, free books and resources, and much more. 

I look forward to welcoming you to my inner circle, and to developing your career together.

let's get you and your stories on to that red carpet.



David Red Carpet Santa Monica

Literally a one-time opportunity at this price

The material described is brand new and I am still working on it. The last few videos and some of the final resources need to be made available. For this reason, we are offering a special cut price to the early-bird subscribers. 

Don't worry - there is plenty for you to be getting on with, and you will get absolutely everything in the coming weeks. So take advantage of this special one-off opportunity to get on board at this price. And I make you this promise: Once you are in, you are in, and this low price will never increase for you as the content changes over time. 

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Cheryl Neve
Cheryl Neve Writer/Director
David has been invaluable in my story development. He has improved my screenwriting immensely, and has given me the tools I need to write the best possible stories.
Mark Halliley
Mark Halliley Scriptwriter
We cannot recommend David highly enough. His insights and expertise have been invaluable, helping us get our script to the point where we’ve sold the option and look forward to full production.
Alex Marx
Alex Marx Writer
Story is based on the psychology in the conversation between an author and an audience. David brings the world genuinely new tools and methods that give you an objective and measurable understanding of how good your story is and clarity in how to improve it. Highly recommended.

Primary Colours - Online Seminars

What you receive:

  • The full suite of seminars that comprise The Primary Colours of Story.
  • You will become a master of story theory. 
  • Includes bonus seminars to learn how to package and market yourself and your stories. 
  • Includes access to exclusive multi-media resources, including the Bella story development process, scripts and the film itself, Bella.
  • Includes access to the ongoing story development process for the feature film story: Mayakin.
  • Monthly live Q&A session with David and other story creatives. 
  • Access to exclusive, members-only gifts, rewards and prizes. 

And much more, alll at a one-off, never-to-be-repeated early-bird price. 

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  • How long must I sign up for?
    • You are signing up for a month, with ongoing months for as long as you please. How much is a single course with Robert McKee? $400? You can stay on board with me for months and months at that price, and get far more resources that are fresh, contemporary and more advanced than the old school boys.  

      You can leave anytime with no penalties or problems. Why not give it a go for one month? If you are ambitious and would like success, I genuinely believe it will change your life. 

  • Can I get published or produced through you seeing my work?
    • Well, it's not impossible! I have given publishing deals to authors in the past and work to early career actors, producers and directors.

      I have also brokered contact between aspiring writers, producers, agents and so on. I'm not making any promises and it certainly doesn't happen often, but... never say never!  

  • Can I ask you to work with me on my story or with my team?
    • Yes. You can employ me as a consultant or book me for a live (and interactive!) seminar. Both are managed worldwide by Olav Wyper at SMA Talent in the UK.

      Olav Wyper:
      mobile: +44 (0)7787 177263 

      Or in the first instance you can contact me via the contact areas on this website and with the members area once you have joined up. 

  • Will I get to meet you if I join up?
    • Yes. I hold a monthly Q&A with members, so you can talk to me and ask me whatever you like! In these early days, there may not be many others on the meet! 

      There will also be opportunities to get involved or, for example, to win a prize that will result in our attending the same premiere or seminar or some such event. 

  • Can I get a discount?
    • I want to help all aspiring writers and creatives, whatever their circumstances, so yes, absolutely. If you or your group need help to get on board, just get in touch and we'll do whatever we have to do. 



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